Ludlow Whisky Company started distilling English Malt Whisky back in 2014.

Of course we couldn't wait to start drinking it so we put some of the smoothest and best cuts into small barrels so that we could enjoy it a bit earlier.  The result,  Stolen Youth - taken from the barrel after just a few months - won a Gold Award at the Cotswold Artisan Drinks Awards in February 2016.

Now, after a long wait, the first Shropshire Single Malt Whisky, Young Prince, is here, released in November 2018.

Young Prince is 45 per bottle (85 for 2), 25 per 35cl Half-Bottle, plus postage of 4. You can order it from our online shop.

Young Prince

Young Prince: "A very nice approachable whisky, with a clean barley heart, slightest whiff of vanilla and smoke, ending with a  youthful rasp of spirit."